Holes indexing by side and type

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Accessed via the menu: Components output to drawing -> Part -> Holes -> Table configuration -> Hole Indexing by Side and Type


Each hole in the table is assigned an index (name). This index is usually exported to the holes table and inserted next to the hole view in the part drawing. This sub-menu item can be used to specify prefixes and suffices for indexes depending on the positioning of the hole with respect to the part and the hole type.


Hole Indexing by Side dialog


Prefixes/Suffixes by view side: this panel can be used to specify prefixes/suffixes for hole indexes depending on the positioning of a hole with respect to a part. You can also set the value of <HSIDE> keyword. This keyword can be used in a holes table where the user does not want to expand the index name with a prefix/suffix. In such event, a separate column is used to export the value of this keyword. Both options can be combined.


Prefixes/suffixes by hole type panel is used to define index prefix/suffix by hole type.