Cover position in the part with respect to fill grain direction

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When generating manufacturing information (part code, name, size, and material) or linking system data to the information in the part labels, it is important to indicate which side of the part a cover is applied to and what type of cover it is. For example, the part is covered with a 2 mm edge band on the right side and 0.45 mm edge band on the left side. On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that the part is covered with veneer on the top and with paper film on the bottom.


It might be important for the user to know how Woodwork for Inventor identifies part sides and how this is related to entries in specifications generated. The figure below shows how Woodwork for Inventor identifies the sides of the part.


Part side setting according to the person

Part side setting according to the person


As mentioned in the previous section, Woodwork for Inventor automatically sets the grain direction of the material during the initial material assignment process. The grain direction algorithm searches for the larget flat Face and the two longest edges on that face that are perpendicular to each other. If this is not achieved, other rules are applied which allow setting the initial grain direction of the material. If the constructor is not satisfied with the grain direction that has been automatically set, he may modify it using the Woodwork for Inventor tools, by specifying other plane for calculation or other grain vector orientation.


Thus, if a part is oriented with respect to the view as shown in the figure, it is considered that the Main Face is pointing upward, and it is treated as a Top side. The Bottom Face is on the opposite side of the part. The red arrow shows the grain orientation to the Right. The Left is on the opposite side. The Front and the Back faces of the part are arranged respectively.


Thus, after indicating required attributes in a MS Excel specification template, relevant part cover data will be exported to these columns during BOM generation.


Left Cover

Right Cover

Front Cover

Back Cover






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