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To create a CNC program for cutting parts from a single raw material sheet, the following requirements have to be met:


1.A CNC technology has to be available for each part.
2.This technology has to be created only for a Nesting Router CNC machine.
3.This technology must include operation for the processing of the external loop (Nesting).
4.The parts that will be processed must be added to a single Autodesk Inventor assembly. This can also be any kind of previously designed assembly. The assembly can include parts made of different materials and of different colors.


CNC program or several CNC programs for different sheets are completed by Woodwork for Inventor Nester program, when Nesting command is started in the assembly environment.


Preliminary arrangement of parts on raw material sheets is carried out in the Nesting program. The user can interactively change the arrangement of parts on the sheets and generate the final CNC program for each individual sheet.