Automatic CNC technology generation

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When, taking into account the machine and the internal procedures of the organization, settings of the CAM solver have been properly configured, it is possible to apply automatic CNC technology generation.


To open the command, go to:


Woodwork Design->Technology->Auto Auto CNC start Icon



Once the command is started, CNC technologies will be automatically generated for all Woodwork for Inventor parts included in the opened assembly.


Before generating the CNC technologies, the following options are available:



Auto CNC dialog




Select All components Deselect All Compnents

In cases, where the command was activated in the assembly editing environment, it will be possible to select components for which CNC technology will be generated. This is not possible in the part editing environment. Once the command has been activated, all Woodwork for Inventor components will be assembled by default. You can:


Delete the contents of the set.


Include the component in the set by pointing the cursor to it, or eliminate the component from the set by pointing the cursor to it while holding "Ctrl" key.


Include all Woodwork for Inventor components back in the set, which will be processed by the CNC technology generator.



Selecting CNC machine from the pull-down list, for which CNC technologies will be created. If “Use CNC equipment by Material Settings” is selected, the machine specified at the time of selecting CNC processing machines for the material will be used. If the material does not have a CNC machine assigned to it and the above selection is made, a CNC technology will not be created for the part whose material does not have an assigned CNC machine. When the specific CNC machine is indicated, the technology will be created regardless of the material settings.


Recreate CNC technology from scratch

If CNC technologies were previously created for the part, the CNC technology generator will first delete previous technologies and then create new CNC technology from scratch.


Use existing technology data

Operating modes of the command specified below will use or save the data of already created technology to a certain extent.



Add new jobs to existing technology

If the job has already been created, it will be saved. Then, a new job will be created and the CNC technology will be stored in its container.



Recreate clampings in existing job.

All contents of the existing job will be deleted and new CNC technology will be created under it.



Add new clampings to existing job

All the previously created CNC technology will be saved in the existing job, while newly created CNC technology will be incorporated as newly created clamping options for the part with all the relevant operations.



Recreate operations in existing clampings

Clamping operations in the existing CNC technology will be deleted and recreated.




Add new operations to existing clampings

Newly generated CNC operations will be added to the operations set for the clamping options in the existing CNC technology.



Delete existing technology

All CNC technologies will be deleted. No new CNC technology will be created.