Grooving operation settings

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Grooving operation has parameters controlling various aspects of the technology being created, such as: cutting type, saw landing type, etc. The technology is created for all spindles included in the configuration of the machine, thus grooving operation settings may differ for the processing using top oriented or free oriented spindle. Therefore, the software allows the user to adjust these aspects separately for top oriented and free oriented spindle.


These settings are accessed from the grooving operation settings tab.




CAM Behave Groove Settings


Status Selector

Allows selecting technological situations in which the following settings will apply. The following options are available:


Top oriented spindle - settings for spindles used in the processing in top oriented position.


Free oriented spindle - settings for spindles used in the processing in free oriented position.


Important. Unlike with analogous descriptions of other tool types, in cases, where top oriented spindle is indicated, it is implied that the saw cuts the upper plane of the part. Orientation vector describing the degree of freedom of the position of spindle and saw will be restricted by a direction corresponding to the top plane. While with mills and drills, a direction that is normal in terms of the top plane of the part is considered. For more information on the restrictions of spindle orientation, click here.


Tool priority by Diameter

Wood processing machine can be equipped with several saws of different diameter. The user can define the diameter range, within which the tool for the creation of operation will be searched. If the diameter of the tool falls within the given range and meets other conditions, the tool and its spindle will be used for the milling operation being created. If the lower and upper bound of the range is 0, it shall be deemed that the range is undefined and a tool with the maximum diameter will be chosen for the operation.


Groove cutting type

Setting the cutting type. To read more, click here.


Tool landing type to closed groove ends

Setting saw landing and lifting type with closed groove ends. To read more, click here.




Cleaning Pass

Turns on or off the cleaning pass of the saw. To read more, click here.


Cleaning pass offset

Setting the distance from the cut groove surface, at which the saw has to be lifted during the cleaning pass. This parameter is also used in the Woodwork for Inventor CAM module, when the operation is created as usual.


Max groove with

Setting the width of a part model, for which, when recognized, the groove has to be processed using a saw, and the width, from which it will be deemed that it is better to process the groove using an end mill. The parameter is also used in the Woodwork for Inventor CAM module, when groove geometry is automatically selected from the part model for the operation.