BOM and table types

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To ensure the production process, the engineer must provide not only graphic information in the form of drawings but also different specifications. These specifications provide information about parts, assemblies, general need for materials, etc. For wooden products, a specific nature of information is provided in specifications. The Woodwork for Inventor BOM generator copies this information from the model, processes it flexibly and provides it in the form acceptable within the organization.


Woodwork for Inventor specification forms are described in the MS Excel file. Such files are considered to be Woodwork for Inventor specification templates. Initial examples which are installed along with the Woodwork for Inventor add-on can be found in the Templates catalogue located at:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Woodwork for Inventor 2014 v5\BOM.

In them, the user can, at his own discretion, control the method of exporting information about the product. In this way Woodwork for Inventor can easily be applied to the required business model.



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When describing a template, the user must observe a specific template description procedure which can be found here.