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First, one need to know that any tool registered in the Woodwork for Inventor CAM system database can be set up in any spindle of any CNC machine. For example, a D8 type Through Drill tool that has been described once may be used in the Woodwop and IMAWOP machine configuration for setting up both vertical and horizontal spindle. As mentioned before, different operations may only use operation-specific tools. Such a base of described tools is further referred to as a Tool Pool. With respect to Woodwork for Inventor CAM system, tools are classified into the following types:


1. Thru drill icon Through Drills tools.

2. Blind drill icon Blind Drills tools.

3. Mill tool icon End Mill tools.

4. Saw Blade icon  Saw Blade tools.


Each tool type can only be used for tool-specific operations. For example, a drill cannot be used in the milling operation. Below is an explanation as to what types of tools can be used in what operations:


1. Drill Icon   Tools used for a Drill operation:

a. Thru drill icon Through Drills.

b. Blind drill icon Blind Drills.



2. Mill Icon Tools used for an End Mill operation.

a. Mill tool icon End Mill.



3. Pocket Icon Tools used for a Pocket operation:

a. Mill tool icon End Mill.



4. Groove Icon Tools used for a Grooving operation:

a. Saw Blade icon Saw Blade.



5. Cut Icon Tools used for a Cut operation:

a. Saw Blade icon Saw Blade.



Each tool type requires type-specific data to be able to calculate and create a tool trajectory. It is important to bear in mind that parameters entered in Woodwork for Inventor CAM by no means reflect all possible tool characteristics that can be found in the manufacturer’s specifications or in other literature describing these tools. Here, only the essential characteristics are used which are required for accurate calculation of a tool trajectory and to ensure that the Woodwork for Inventor CAM system is capable of making decisions about the processability of the selected geometry. For information as to which characteristics are used when describing tools, see the section about Tool Pool content editing.