Using renaming schemes

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During the copying or renaming process, you can use different renaming schemes for the assembly components. Keep in mind that during the copying/renaming process, the assembly is transferred within the limits of the same Autodesk Inventor project, with an exception of Pack and Go. Therefore, components within the Content Center and Library paths are not included in this copying/transfer procedure. These components exist in the assembly as re-usable components.



Active Column



As you can see in the figure above, a component representation field contains several columns defining selected assembly components. A darker area marks an active column (highlighted in red frame). All value renaming manipulations are performed in an active column. The changes to the active column are made by selecting any item that you want to activate in the column using the cursor. In this way you can apply different renaming schemes to each individual column.

Currently, the Assembly Copier supports the following component renaming schemes:


1.Prefix/Sufix & Counter - Selects prefix and suffix and component counter.

2.Replace - Replaces text found in a line with a different text.

3.Tree Counter - renames by using a hierarchy counter.



hmtoggle_plus1Prefix/Suffix selection & Counter
hmtoggle_plus1Replace - Replaces text found in a line with a different text
hmtoggle_plus1Tree Counter - renaming by applying the hierarchy counter
hmtoggle_plus1Copying values from one column to another
hmtoggle_plus1Changing individual item value