Creation of materials

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The command opens the material editor.


To open the command, follow these instructions:

You can open the command by clicking the “Material Editor” button in the palette editor Material editor call.


Material Editor



1.  Material type or color group level.

2.  Material or color item.

3.  Item constructor window.


The Woodwork for Inventor database is presented as a hierarchical two-level tree. The first level of this tree defines the material type, whereas the second one shows the material item. On the right, you can see a material constructor window which shows the data of the selected item.



hmtoggle_plus1Material type or color selection level
hmtoggle_plus1Material or color item
hmtoggle_plus1Fill material constructor
hmtoggle_plus1Multilayer board constructor
hmtoggle_plus1Veneer and paint material constructor
hmtoggle_plus1Edge band material constructor
hmtoggle_plus1Color creation constructor