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Before starting the processing of the part, the part is clamped into the machine as shown in the figure below.

Clamping conception


This operation is usually performed following the cutting of the part workpiece from the raw material board. In this case it is not very important for the clamping of the workpiece at which corner it is clamped into the machine. It is crucial not to mix the longitudinal or transversal position of the workpiece in the machine. Depending on the operational procedure established within the company, the parts for which the Edge banding operations have already been performed can end up in the CNC centre. In this case it is important which corner of the part is clamped during the clamping operation. Therefore, it is important to take into account the following factors:


1.What state the workpiece is in when it reaches the machine into which this workpiece will be clamped.

2.Which corner of the workpiece is clamped in the corner with respect to the part shape.


hmtoggle_plus1Part coordinate system
hmtoggle_plus1Possible statuses of the part before executing a clamping operation
hmtoggle_plus1Corner options for workpiece clamping
hmtoggle_plus1Corner for clamping the workpiece to the machine