Command description

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To open the pocket operation, go to:

Woodwork CAM -> Pocket Pocket Icon 32x32


Once you open the command, a dialog window will appear.

Pocket dialog


To successfully run the command, the user should follow a certain sequence for specifying data. Below you will find the description of the control of the command in the sequence that needs to be followed when performing tasks in the Pocket command window.


hmtoggle_plus1Selecting the spindle
hmtoggle_plus1Selecting geometry in the Pocket command
hmtoggle_plus1Setting the position of the tool
hmtoggle_plus1Landing of the tool to the starting point of the trajectory
hmtoggle_plus1Setting the trajectory correction type
hmtoggle_plus1Tool overlap
hmtoggle_plus1Depth allowance
hmtoggle_plus1Pocket contour oversize