Creating CAM technological operations for the next part

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As with the previously processed part, first you have to set the base point.

Woodwork CAM -> Clamping Clamping Icon


Clamping for second part tutorial


Orient the part in the way shown in the figure above and select the indicated angle of the part. Then click the "Apply" button.


Now that the base point of the part has been set, you can start the creation of processing operations. If everything has been created correctly, "Job" and "Clamping" tree nodes for relevant technological operations will be created in the side browser. The commands for creating operations become active and you can create a required CNC processing operation for the given part.


Now create the following technological operations for processing the part:


1. Groove cutting.

2. Milling of the front face of the part.

3. Hole drilling.



hmtoggle_plus1Groove cutting
hmtoggle_plus1Countour milling
hmtoggle_plus1Hole drilling