Component data in BOM specifications

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As mentioned in the previous section, there is a BOM category in which the main information consists of information about each individual component of an assembly. Such a container of information is referred to as a component Item. In the Autodesk Inventor environment, an equivalent of a component item is an Assembly or Part component. The information describing this component is contained in the aforementioned container. When creating BOM templates, in the table columns we have to specify what information we want to export to one or another column

Each Autodesk Inventor component carries additional information along with it, which is known as iProperties data fields-attributes. Woodwork for Inventor BOM generator includes these fields into a component item data container. These fields can be presented in different BOM forms during their generation. Also, Woodwork for Inventor provides additional information specific to wooden products about each part which could not be found in iProperties fields. An example of this could be information as to which edge of the given part has an edge band. Based on this information, Woodwork for Inventor provides part dimensions, required quantities of materials, etc.

In the diagram below, the grey color represents information which can be obtained from Autodesk Inventor component iProperties; whereas the brown color represents information that is additionally generated by the Woodwork for Inventor add-on.



BOM Informacijos modelis




hmtoggle_plus1Component item description
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hmtoggle_plus1Item workpiece material description
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