CAM status overview and moving to the processing of the next part

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Let us check what the CNC status looks like after creating technological operations for one part.


Woodwork Design -> CAM Status CAM Staus Button


In the figure below you can see that, while displaying the part status with respect to the CAM technological operations, one part is marked with a green rectangle.


CAM status after CNC preparation tutorial


If this rectangle has a check mark, this means that technological operations have been created for this part. If the green rectangle has an x mark , this means that the part has been reviewed by the user but the CNC technology has not been created for this part.


As shown in the figure above, select the next part ("CNC Tutorial 06-Top") for which CAM technology will be created.


If you have closely followed the steps described in the previous sections of this manual, and have marked the "Create by default" check box in the "Job" command, a Job entitled Woodwop1 had to be automatically created upon opening the part. If this is not the case, this means that you did not put the check mark for automatic job creation for a given machine and you need to repeat the steps described in section Selecting machine and setting the base point.zinio taško nustatymas.


Now let us look at the creation of technological operations.