Creating Autoplot templates

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The command is intended for setting the parameters of the automatically plotted drawing bundle and save them as settings in the (*idw) file. Such a file including the saved parameters becomes a template which can be selected when performing automatic plotting of the drawing bundle. The command can be started only after opening a drawing file and when working in the Autodesk Inventor drawing environment.


To open the command, go to:

Woodwork Design –> Setup -> Auto Plot Setup Auto Plot Setup


A window will appear containing the following tabs:


Views - describing component view projections in the drawing.

Output Area & Bundle - describing the output area in the sheet, the drawing bundle type and its composition.

Labels & Sheet templates - assigning labeling symbols and selecting the output (presentation) of the sheet template component.

Range Box & Covers - setting the properties of the rectangles representing part dimensions and graphs representing covers.

Holes - configuration of hole marking in the drawing and setting hole table output into the drawing.


Find out how more about the tabs under the following sections:

Description of component view projections placed in the drawing

Setting the output area and drawing bundles

Adding symbols to labels and selecting a sheet template

Setting visualization style of part dimensions and edges

Hole annotations and tables settings