Setting grain direction

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In this section you will learn how to change the grain direction for fill and cover materials.

If you restart Autodesk Inventor after closing it, you will find your unfinished assembly model under the name TBL.iam in the project workspace catalogue Samples/My Table.

Open the grain direction control command:

Woodwork Design –> Material –> Grain grain_direction32


A grain direction control menu will appear.

Grain direction dialog



hmtoggle_plus1 Fill Grain rotation command settings


Select the Fill Grain Rotation command.


Select Fill grain


The command is in wait mode. Now you have to select a part to which Woodwork for Inventor material is assigned. Then select the front table panel.

Select for Fill grain

Once you have selected a part, a symbol will appear in the centre point of the component indicating grain direction. The red arrow coincides with the grain direction.


hmtoggle_plus1Align to edge


By default the command is in the Align to edge mode W4I_X_GrainDirection_AlignByEdge.

Select align edge


Select a side edge of the component (white line in the figure). Click the “Apply” button and you will see change in the grain direction of the component.

Aligned grain



hmtoggle_plus1Rotate grain by angle


Try out other grain rotation options. Select the same front panel of the table. Select grain adjustment option Rotate grain by angle W4I_X_GrainDirection_SpecifyAngle.


Select rotate grain by angle



Enter a 45 degree angle.


Specify Grain rotation angle


Click the “Apply” button and you will see that the grain direction of the component has changed.

Grain rotated by Angle


hmtoggle_plus1 Reset grain direction


Select the same component and select Reset grain direction.

Reset grain direction


The grain direction of the component is aligned parallel to the longest edge.


hmtoggle_plus1Setting grain direction for veneer cover


Now change the grain direction for veneer cover which is placed on a side panel (table component).

Select Cover Grain option for grain adjustment by cover material.


Select Cover grain


The command switches to surface selection option mode. Select the outer surface of the table leg.

Select Cover surface


The grain rotation is created in the same manner as the fill material rotation. By default, alignment is performed parallel to the edge (Align to edge).



Align Cover grain by Edge

Click the “Apply” button. The grain direction of the veneer type material is aligned along the indicated edge.

Rotate the grain directions of veneer type materials for all table legs.

The end result of material assignment should look like this.


Galutinis medziagu priskyrimo rezultatas


To save changes, press "Ctrl+S".