Creating BOM templates

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The Woodwork for Inventor installation file contains BOM templates:

You can find them at: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Woodwork for Inventor 2014 v5\BOM templates


Here you can find the following two templates:

1.        BOM Metric (EN).xlsx - BOM template in metric units (in English).

2.        BOM Imperial (EN).xlsx - BOM template in imperial units (in English).


The following sheets are provided in these templates:

Product Structure - product structure BOM.
Composite Parts List – BOM of composite parts with expanded internal structure.
Multilayer Parts List – BOM of multilayer board parts.
Complete Parts List - complete list of all material part types.
Cutting Parts List - list of cutting parts.
Material Summary
Material Sum by Products - material summaries by products within the assembly.
Rename Configuration - rename configuration provides a list of materials stating which material names come from the Woodwork for Inventor database. If we speak about Purchased components, the names read from the iProperties component have been changed to different names during replacement configuration.


These templates can be used as prototypes and the user can modify them at his own discretion, adapting them to individual business needs.


The following sections describe the rules that need to be observed in order to define a BOM template.


Arranging fields in a sheet

Fields describing header

Fields describing component

Fields describing material