BOM generator

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One of the most important functions of Woodwork for Inventor is automated generation of reports providing all information about the designed product required for manufacturing. This function is performed by the BOM (Bill Of Material) command. The report generator provides its information in the MS Excel file format. To ensure the functioning of the generator, you must have MS Excel installed on your computer. The BOM generator allows you to flexibly organize the data exported in different forms which are defined in the templates. Templates are provided as MS Excel files containing exported information fields based on which the final reports are created. The user can easily modify these templates and adapt the information being generated to his individual needs.


The users who need to transfer information about the assembly to different systems (e. g. ERP) can use the files (*.wbom) generated by the report generator containing full structured information about the assembly in the XML format. These files present full file format description, thus it is easy to copy this file using any programming tools and transfer this information to another system.


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