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In this section, you will learn how to generate product specifications.

If you restart Autodesk Inventor after closing it, you will find your unfinished assembly model under the name TBL.iam in the project workspace catalogue Samples/My Table.

Open the specification generation command:

Woodwork Design –> BOM –> BOM w4i_bom32


In the Structured Data window, click on the item TBL 01. Right-click to open the context menu and start the Expand selected command. You will then see an expanded composition of the TBL 01 part.


Go to replacement




hmtoggle_plus1Creating new replacement configuration


Go to the replacement and configuration window by selecting the Replace Configuration tab. A window will appear displaying a summary report of material and purchased products.

Create a new replacement configuration. Click “New” and after entering a specific name, e. g. Table, click “OK”. The replacement configuration selection button shows the name Table, meaning that it is a current configuration.


hmtoggle_plus1Material color configuration


Change the paint color properties. Place the cursor on the row in the New Appearance Code column as shown in the figure below. Then press "F2" key to switch to writing mode and enter DB value.


Create Manualy replacement


Follow the same steps in the New Appearance Name column and enter Dark Brown. Then press "Enter" and you will see that the entered value is automatically transferred to all rows of the current column.


hmtoggle_plus1Linking the replacement window data to MS Excel worksheet columns


Now, using the data in MS Excel tables, we will perform material color replacement. Enclose the PNTF02 material data contained in the column tree in brackets and extract the Veneer type VB 02 material data.


Veneer B02


In the New Appearance Code column, double right-click to open MS Excel worksheet data display window. This worksheet is still empty because its configuration is not linked to the MS Excel data yet. Click “Setup” in the top right corner of the window.

A window will appear to link MS Excel worksheet to the replacement configuration window.

Map Excel Table



1.Click the button in the top right corner to switch to open file dialog. Then locate MS Excel file Materials.xls and open it. If the installation Woodwork for Inventor add-on was done by default, you will find this file inside the Woodwork for Inventor project – C:\W4INV 2014 DESIGN\PROJECTS\Samples\Replacement Data\Materials.

2. Click the Sheet selection button and open the list of all files contained in the Materials.xls file. Then select the Materials sheet.

3. Link the data displayed in the replacement window to the data contained in the MS Excel file.

a.In the Appearance Image row, click the button to select columns in the MS Excel file.
b.The list of all columns in the Materials sheet opens.
c.Select PictureName column.
d.Link other fields as needed:

Appearance Code –> Code
Appearance Name –> Name (EN)


4. Enter additional fields you want to see in the replacement window.

a. Place the cursor on the empty field and enter your desired name, e. g. Type. Then select a MS Excel column Type for this field and press “Enter”.

b. Move to the next row and enter another field – Producer. Then select a MS Excel column Producer for this field and press “Enter”.


The linking process is complete. The window will display the following result:

Excel Maping Result


To return to the replacement window, click “Close”.


hmtoggle_plus1Material color replacement by selecting MS Excel worksheet data row


The window is already filled with MS Excel worksheet values. Now we will select a replacement item.

Choose replace record



1.In the filter field, enter the word Walnut.

2. Find Veneer type item in the list and double click on it to close the window.

Go back to the Replace Configuration window where you will see how the color code and the name are imported from the MS Excel worksheet to the row.

Note. This field remains empty because the latter item did not have a color code in the MS Excel worksheet.


Now place the cursor on the item in the New Appearance Code column.


Facade 01


Double click to open replace from MS Excel window.

Re-enter the word Walnut and use the Search function. Then select an item.

Walnut milano



Double click the mouse button to return to the Replace Configuration window. Then extract the entry.


Applyed Same Color Code



You can see that all materials having the same color are assigned with a new color code and name.


Structured data after replacement



hmtoggle_plus1Replacement settings for purchased products


The code and name replacement of purchased products is performed in the same manner as the replacement of the color definition, thus the following explanation is provided in a shortened version.

Return to the Replace Configuration window.

Create a new hardware configuration. In the bottom of the Hardware Configuration window, click “New” and name the new configuration Hafele configuration.

Move to the New Code column and double left-click on the entry 5x50;Confirmat.

Go to the replace from MS Excel window which is currently empty. Set up a link between the replacement window and the data contained in the MS Excel worksheet and click “Setup”.

Select Hafele Hardware of Furniture.xlsx. data sheet which is located at

C:\W4INV 2014 DESIGN\PROJECTS\Samples\Replacement Data\Hardware.

Select Hafele Hardware sheet.

Set up a link between the columns displayed in the replacement window and the MS Excel columns.


Hardware excel column relation


To return to the replacement window, click “Close”.

Type the phrase Confirmat in the search box. You will get a filtered list containing available Confirmat hardware items. Select the most suitable one and double left-click to exit the selection window. Upon exit, the replacement values will be automatically applied to a given item.

Move your cursor on the next entry and repeat the procedure above. In the Search field, enter Cap selection phrase and select D12 cap of required color.

To select a screw, use the selection phrase "Connect".

"Minifx" for Minifix eccentric

"Dowel" for wooden dowel

"Cap" for D15 cap.

The resulting replacements should look like this.

Configured Hardware




hmtoggle_plus1BOM header filling


Before exporting a specification to MS Excel file, enter its header. Click the W4I_Bom_MainView_Header button.


BOM header


Fill in the fields at your discretion:

Manufacturing Order Code
Manufacturing Order Name
Company name


Close the dialog.



hmtoggle_plus1Exporting BOM into Excel file


Before importing a specification into MS Excel file, select a specification template. Click the select_template24x24 button.

A file selection dialog will open in which you will find a required template: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Woodwork for Inventor 2014 v5\BOM templates.

Select BOM Metric (EN).xls template and open it. For the final BOM generation, click the export_to_excel24x24 button.

Woodwork for Inventor offers you to select a name and a location where the MS Excel file should be generated.

Finally, the system will offer you to open the generated file in the MS Excel editor.



hmtoggle_plus1Saving BOM in the XML format


To save a BOM specification in the XML format, click the W4I_Bom_MainView_SaveBom button and specify the location where you want to save it.