Protype usage and design modifications

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Protype usage and design modifications

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One of the most influential factors in the designer's job productivity is the use of a legacy data. Autodesk Inventor parametric design features allow to organize very flexible models of design prototypes which can be used in various design situations. The complexity of the copying of the Autodesk Inventor model complicates the use of prototypes in day-to-day tasks. For copying, you need to use the Autodesk Vault functionality. Starting with the Autodesk Inventor 2012 version, the functionality of iLogic may be used for copying. Woodwork4Inventor subscription users have the opportunity to use AssemblyCopier4Inventor software which simplifies the process and makes design prototype usage simple and efficient. Any correctly designed Autodesk Inventor assembly with drawings and presentations presentations can be considered as a Design prototype. Bellow are presented explanations about prototype usage.


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cicon9 Assembly copier

cicon9 Renaming assembly components

cicon9 Making new one cabinet from prototype