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Project settings

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Before starting, you need to setup a proper Project. Woodwork4Inventor does not have any specific requirements for Autodesk Inventor projects configuration. Note that Woodwork4Inventor interprets the components invcluded in the from the Library as purchased components.


Every designed product in Autodesk Inventor is expressed as a set of mutually bonded files, which reflects the structure of the product.




In essence, a Project is a detailed summary of paths, where you can find all the components of the designed product.

The projects are created and operated in Autodesk Inventor environment or through a special project management editor. Projects are saved as a *.ipj type file.



Launch Project Edit


As usual, in furniture design a project includes the design space with all designed products. Important! The designer can only work on one project at a time. In project you need to specify two main places where Autodesk Inventor can place and find components. These are:


Workspace path
Workspace path

Library path
Library path


Workspace refers to the path where you can find components that are designed for each piece of furniture. This includes furniture plates, metal or plastic hardware, designed for this specific furniture.


Workspace content


Libraries refer to the path where you can find components that are common for all your furniture designs. As usual, this includes purchased furniture hardware such as: connectors, hinges, supports, etc.


Library content


Woodwork4Inventor offers a starting library of components by means of which you can begin to design the furniture. You can get it from downloads of Tools4Inventor. There you will find a project file as well.


Important! None of the Libraries components can be edited through a product design process. To edit the Library components, it is necessary to switch to another project where Workspace points to path where library components are placed. As usual we need to have two projects. One of them is for the main production design, another for Library components editing. In big design teams Library editing is the CAD administrator's prerogative