Working with Hardware Components

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Working with Hardware Components

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One of the most time consuming tasks in furniture design is the setup of holes for furniture hardware. Woodwork4Inventor offers its own method how to setup a furniture fixture. This approach allows to arrange fixtures based on geometry of auxiliary elements and furniture components. Also it allows to cut out all necessary holes for arranged fixture by one operation. The main idea is that a hardware assembly component brings together its holes. For preparation of such hardware the user only needs good knowledge of creation iPart, iAssembly and iMate. You can find more details about library components preparation for Woodwork4Inventor in Appendix Hardware for Woodwor4Inventor creating example. For the start you can use initial start library of components which you can find in our page in downloads section.


Topics in this section:


cicon9 Concept

cicon9 Hardware attachment command

cicon9 Replace Occurence command

cicon9 Cut out holes command

cicon9 Visibility Control command


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