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Assembly copier

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Assembly Copier4Inventor is a program for copying or renaming Autodesk Inventor assemblies and other mutually banded files without losing relations between them. The program allows to:


1.Automatically gather all banded files for selected assembly. Assembly Copier4Inventor finds sub assemblies, parts, presentations and drawings.

2.Specify a new place of copied content

3.Apply a new name to any of file from gathered set of file.

4.Apply any new value to iProperty as a Part Number, Description of the selected file

5.Copy a value from one iProperty field to other fields

6.Add a prefix or suffix to a file name or iProperty field

7.Find and replace a specified character line in the file name or a specified iProperty field by another sequence of characters.

8.Apply an assembly hierarchical renaming scheme to a gathered set of files


You can find information about the use of the program in Assembly Copier Help file. Starting from Autodesk Inventor 2012, instead of Assembly Copier you can use Autodesk Invnetor iLogic feature. Our examples and explanations are based on Assembly Copier usage,


Assembly Copier Help